Stacey Abrams: You can’t separate ‘unwanted pregnancies’ from ‘economic issues’

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Stacey Abrams Seems To Suggest Abortion Is A Way To Fight Inflation: Georgia Democrat Says ‘Having Children Is Why You’re Worried About’ Rising Prices — And You Can’t Separate ‘Unwanted Pregnancies’ From ‘Economic’ issues’

  • Georgia’s Governor Candidate Appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe
  • Abrams stressed that reproductive rights are linked to economic well-being
  • “You can’t get a divorce if you’re forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic reality of having a child,” the voting rights activist said.
  • Democrats across the country are trying to get voters excited about the fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow Roe v. Wade in June







Democratic Georgian governor candidate Stacey Abrams emphasized that abortion rights and current economic problems are intertwined during a Wednesday morning TV interview.

Her critics immediately accused the progressive voting rights activist of offering abortion as a way to combat the spiraling inflation that currently plagues Americans across the country.

She was asked on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “I assume, perhaps wrongly, but while abortion is a problem, it doesn’t reach the level of interest of voters anywhere in terms of the cost of gas, food, bread, milk, that sort of thing. ..what could you as governor do to allay the concerns of Georgian voters about the quality of life, the daily, hourly problems they face?’

Abrams turned the conversation back to abortion rights, arguing that whether or not having a child is as much an economic issue as it is a reproductive issue.

“Let’s be clear — having kids is why you’re concerned about your gas price, it’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs,” the Georgia Democrat said.

“For women, this is not a limiting issue. You cannot separate the forced carrying of an unwanted pregnancy from the economic reality of having a child.’

Across the country, Democrats found new hope in the otherwise bleak medium-term outlook in November as voters across the country voiced outrage and opposition to the Supreme Court’s quashing of Roe v. Wade in June.

Stacey Abrams told MSNBC Wednesday morning that abortion rights cannot be ‘separated’ from economic issues

Since then, 12 states have banned abortion. Georgia currently has a so-called “Heartbeat bill” banning the procedure after six weeks.

“This is a both/and conversation, we don’t have the luxury of reducing or separating them,” Abrams said.

“Women, half the population, of childbearing age – they understand that having a child is definitely an economic issue.”

She added: “Only politicians see it as just another cultural conversation. It’s a really biologically and economically imperative conversation that women have to have.’

She also listed how a governor could deal with rising family costs while poking fun at her opponent, Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

‘A governor can appeal house prices. A governor can address the cost of education. A governor can put money in the pockets of ordinary hardworking Georgians instead of giving tax cuts to the rich,” Abrams said.

Former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany responded to Abrams’ sentiments on Twitter: “This is really sick! Unbelievable…’

‘Wait a second, [Stacey Abrams] believe and want you to believe that an abortion is a good way to reduce the cost of gas and food? DAMN!’ wrote former Georgia Republican House hopeful Vernon Jones.

Atlanta-based minister and podcast host Darrell B. Harrison added that Abrams “makes Margaret Sanger look like Mother Teresa.”

Newsweek editor Josh Hammer dismissed her comments as “positively creepy.”