Mitt Romney appears to be telling Republican fabulist George Santos “you should be embarrassed”

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Mitt Romney appears to tell Republican fabulist George Santos ‘you should be embarrassed’ in shocking State of the Union meet

  • Mitt Romney appeared to clash with serial liar George Santos on Tuesday
  • In video footage, the senator appeared to say: ‘You should be embarrassed’
  • Santos faces multiple calls to resign after falsifying much of his CV

Republican fantasy George Santos grabbed one of the coveted aisle seats ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union.

From there, members of Congress can shake hands with Supreme Court justices, cabinet secretaries or even the president himself.

But Santos got a bit more than he bargained for. Video footage showed Senator Mitt Romney confronting the serial liar, saying what sounded like, “You should be embarrassed.”

Santos, who was caught fabricating his academic and professional background as well as his status as a volleyball champion and claiming his mother was at the World Trade Center the day of the 9/11 attacks, looked shocked, even when he appeared to retaliate.

Romney appears to repeat the same words to the newly elected Republican representative from New York multiple times.

Sen. Mitt Romney appeared to clash with Rep. George Santos ahead of the State of the Union. The senator appeared to say, “You should be embarrassed” at the serial fantasy

The exchange was not picked up on audio, although lip readers were quick to weigh in on social media.

A member also reportedly heard Romney say, “You don’t belong here.”

It happened minutes before President Joe Biden arrived in the chamber for his State of the Union address, with US senators and representatives chatting among themselves.

And it came the same day House Speaker Kevin McCarthy appeared to reveal that Santos was under investigation.

“Ethics is progressing, and if ethics finds something, we will act”, McCarthy said CNN. “At the moment, we do not allow him to be on the committees from the point of view of the questions that have arisen.”

He later said he would not confirm that Santos was under official investigation, but that he was the subject of ethics complaints.

The New York Republican, dubbed the Long Island liar for the many fabrications he made on his biography, told CNN he was “not concerned” about the House Ethics investigation.

It comes on the same day that a group of New Yorkers from Santos’ 3rd congressional district came to Washington, DC, asking him to step down.

Senator Mitt Romney

Representative George Santos

Romney and Santos clashed as members took their seats before the speech

He repeated several times that he would not resign.

That leaves Republicans in a bind. Santos is a key vote for them in a restricted House, but many have raised concerns about how he won last year’s election with a heavily embellished resume.

Residents of Long Island and Queens gathered outside the United States Capitol for a press conference led by New York House Democrats Ritchie Torres and Dan Goldman.

They not only pushed Santos to resign, but also pushed McCarthy to “do the right thing” and force the embattled representative out of Congress.

Goldman told reporters after the press conference that maintaining Santos’ term in the House was a stain on the institution – while stressing that Republican leaders had taken no action against him.

New questions popped up almost daily.

New York Democratic Representatives Dan Goldman and Ritchie Torres - both representing New York's congressional districts - hosted a press conference outside the US Capitol with residents of the Santos neighborhood

New York Democratic Representatives Dan Goldman and Ritchie Torres – both representing New York’s congressional districts – hosted a press conference outside the US Capitol with residents of the Santos neighborhood

The 34-year-old New York politician reportedly told donors during his 2021 Congressional campaign that he produced Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark, which ran from 2011 to 2014, but senior producer Michael Cohl disputed these claims.

Santos said he attended Horace Mann School – an elite private school in the Brox where tuition costs $59,800 a year. The school said no.

Some claim he has already returned. During his run, he said he worked on Wall Street for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, but now says he used a “poor choice of words” to describe his relationship with the two companies.

In 2016, he claimed $2,250 was stolen in an assault as he went to pay rent – but cops have no record of the incident.

The list continues.